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A Fast Casual Japanese Restaurant In New York

When Kobeyaki opened for business in 2011, we wanted to bring a fresh and contemporary approach to traditional Japanese cuisine. In the years since, our customers have embraced Kobeyaki as one of the most popular, convenient sources for Japanese cuisine in New York.

Kobeyaki’s Chelsea and Bryant Park locations are destinations for healthy and delicious Japanese food for lunch or dinner, dining in, take-out, and catering. Our chefs add creative twists to sushi rolls, teriyaki bowls, burgers, buns, and desserts. Kobeyaki is a welcoming place to enjoy fresh and fast meals that represent Japan's unique cooking values.

Diners enjoy all Kobeyaki locations as popular places to discover Japanese cuisine in a casual and friendly atmosphere. Kobeyaki is a comfortable place for business lunches, family dinners, meeting up with friends, or just dropping in to grab a quick bite. Our goal is to make every customer feel welcome and to bring every one of our guests into the Kobeyaki community.

Even in the most diverse city in the world, it's not always easy to find top-quality international cuisine that's distinctive, fresh, and affordable. Kobeyaki's mission is to bring the simple, healthy satisfaction of Japanese food to all who walk through our doors. This commitment has helped us become the most accessible teriyaki, burger, and sushi restaurant in New York.

Convenient, Affordable Japanese Catering In New York

When it comes to catering office parties, corporate events, or business lunches, planners are often pressed for time. Working on a tight or hurried schedule limits their options, and usually results in their getting the same old dependable food over and over.

Kobeyaki’s catering service can change that routine. Our catering menu includes all the fresh, healthy Japanese food served at our dine-in restaurants. With our straightforward ordering process, we make switching up the food at your event or party as easy as ordering at the counter.

Kobeyaki catering is the perfect solution for offices looking for more diverse and healthy options for their events. We feature food you don’t often find on catering menus in New York: teriyaki bowls, Japanese-style mini-burgers and buns, and authentic, fresh sushi platters.

Our catering service is useful for event planners who want to supply a variety of healthy options for regular or special diets. Japanese cuisine is especially good for vegan and dairy-free diets, with a wide choice of satisfying and varied foods and flavors. Kobeyaki’s catering menu makes pleasing every person in your office or group effortless.

Use our online catering form to choose from your favorite Kobeyaki dishes. For the best service, give our caterers at least 24 hours advance notice for your event. Same-day orders can’t be guaranteed but may be possible. When it’s time for your event, Kobeyaki shows up right at your door with your complete order.

Kobeyaki also offers help in planning your catered event. We’ll help you set up and organize buffet-style service and advise you on all the options and choices you have. First-class customer service is one of Kobeyaki’s most essential goals, and we bring that approach to our catering customers. Head to our online catering inquiry form to get started.

What’s On Our Menu For Japanese Dinner In New York

Kobeyaki’s signature dishes offer New York diners healthy and flavorful options in a casual, convenient setting. We pride ourselves on prompt and efficient service without sacrificing high quality, nutritious ingredients, or top-level customer service.

Our food choices are healthy and practical alternatives for lunch or dinner, whether you dine in, take out, or have catering delivered. Kobeyaki’s menu has some of the most popular and well-loved staples of casual Japanese dining:

Sushi rolls. Our 8-piece sushi rolls are made with the freshest available seafood and tastiest flavor combinations. Choose from our cooked California, shrimp tempura, broiled salmon, spider, or grilled vegetable rolls, or have one of our raw spicy tuna or sashimi rolls.

Bowls. Kobeyaki's bowls come with the freshest meat, chicken, and seafood, prepared with a combination of grilled vegetables and your choice of rice, noodles, or salad. Our Japanese bowls are first-rate choices for nutritious and appetizing meals.
Burgers and buns. Traditional Japanese ingredients lend themselves easily to burgers and sandwiches, served with distinctive toppings and irresistible, soft buns. We use Wagyu beef, all-natural chicken, spicy tuna, braised pork, and crispy soft-shell crab for our unforgettable, untraditional burgers and buns.

Salads and soups. Our tuna and avocado salads and noodle soups are more than starter items — they’re satisfying meals all to themselves.

Beverages and dessert. We offer a full lineup of sodas, tea, sake, beer, and wine, as well as our singular green tea ice cream sandwich and cinnamon buns.

Traditional Roots For A Japanese Restaurant In New York

Japanese cuisine is bound by a long culinary tradition. Food preparation is a thoughtful and deliberate art, practiced and refined by Japanese chefs according to principles of long-surviving cultural heritage. The most-revered Japanese dishes are made to appeal to all five senses, using simple and whole ingredients in complex but subtle ways.

The essence of Japanese food is a combination of healthiness and balance. As an island nation, Japan’s staple ingredients include seafood, rice, fresh vegetables, pickled and fermented foods. Beautifully marbled Wagyu beef is one of the world’s most acclaimed red meats, and chicken and pork are used in innovative ways. Japanese cuisine doesn’t have excessive amounts of over-processed foods or too much sugar, making it low in calories and exponentially healthier than many other food traditions.

Kobeyaki stays true to the core tenets of Japanese cuisine. We’ve given traditional food a unique twist that modern eaters enjoy, and have merged it with the principles of fast, friendly customer service that contemporary diners demand. We're serious about food integrity but easygoing and casual about giving our guests some of the best burgers, buns, bowls, and sushi in New York.

The high principles of Japanese food preparation continue to inspire us every day, as we continue to build upon the most convenient, welcoming, and delicious teriyaki, burger, and sushi restaurant in New York.