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A Healthy & Delicious Japanese Restaurant in Bryant Park NYC

A Fresh Approach to Japanese Food

When we opened our first Kobeyaki restaurant in 2011, we wanted to share our passion for Japanese food by offering delicious, healthy Japanese lunch options in a comfortable and welcoming fast casual atmosphere. We recognized the challenge of finding a great, affordable, unique place to eat that fit New Yorkers' busy schedules, and we believed that we could offer a quick, convenient alternative without sacrificing quality, nutrition, or excellent customer service.

Almost ten years later, we continue to uphold these same values and standards, with creative and diverse menu options like sushi rolls, teriyaki bowls, and healthy Japanese burgers and buns. When you dine with us in Bryant park you become part of the Kobeyaki community, and you can always count on our care for ingredients and technique, an enjoyable environment that makes you feel at home, and timely service so you can get on with the rest of your day.

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Our Food

We have a fresh approach to Japanese cuisine by providing healthy, creative and delicious Japanese food in a fast casual environment.

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Catering with Kobeyaki

If you're looking for a healthy catered lunch option for your next meeting or event, we're happy to help. Kobeyaki Bryant Park is a great choice for business lunches, corporate conferences, parties, and social gatherings. We can accommodate both small and larger groups, and are a convenient choice for many businesses in nearby office buildings.

When you order catering from us you can expect the same level of quality and customer service you'll find in our restaurants, with great food options to please everyone. Our sushi lunch platters are a great way to sample a few of our delicious rolls, our mini Japanese burgers and buns are the perfect size to grab and go, and our teriyaki bowl stations are excellent for feeding a crowd. You can always add side salads and desserts to your catering order to round out your meal.

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Some of our loyal catering customers:

HBO, Madison Square Garden, JP Morgan Chase, Tory Burch, Forbes, Ernst & Young

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Where We Are

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Our Food Philosophy

Few things in life are more important than the food that nourishes your body, especially when you have a busy lifestyle as many New Yorkers do. That's why at Kobeyaki, we strive to provide healthy, delicious, and high-quality Japanese food options in a casual setting that satisfies your needs, whether you're looking for a quick pick-me-up in the middle of a work day or a convenient meal while you're out with friends or family.

Honoring Japanese Heritage Through our Sushi Rolls, Japanese Burgers, & Bowls

Our approach to food has deep roots in Japanese history and culture, with modern takes on ingredients and dishes that have been around for hundreds of years. We place a strong emphasis on the values that make traditional Japanese cuisine so special, namely health and quality.

First and foremost, we believe that food should contribute to a healthy lifestyle, so on our menu you'll find nutritionally balanced options featuring fish and other lean, healthy proteins, nutrient-rich vegetables, and well-portioned rice. Just like our traditional Japanese influences, we use the natural preservation methods of pickling and fermentation that help us avoid processed foods, and our low-calorie, low-sugar meals let you feel better about what you eat.

We're also passionate about the quality of our ingredients and the culinary creations that you find on your plate. We respect the Japanese tradition of starting with fresh, high quality, simple elements and treating them with great care and time-honored technique, resulting in something truly delicious and remarkable in its complexity. When you come to our Bryant Park restaurant to see and taste one of our beautifully crafted sushi rolls or unique Japanese burgers, you'll know that every item on our menu is a celebration of all that went into it.

Our focus on healthy, high-quality food with Japanese roots makes Kobeyaki unique among fast casual restaurants. We give you everything you expect from a great sushi restaurant, not to mention creative and diverse options like healthy Japanese bowls and burgers, all with the convenience you need to fit your schedule.

The Spirit of "Kaizen"

The Japanese principle of kaizen, meaning "good change," is at the heart of our work at Kobeyaki. When we opened our first Japanese restaurant in 2011, we saw an opportunity to change the New York City fast casual space for the better with healthier, more delicious, and more diverse options. As we've grown over the years, we've never strayed from this attitude of embracing change.

Every day, we look for small ways to continue making Kobeyaki better. This is what allows us to build upon traditional Japanese dishes and flavors with our own unique touch, and develop creative new ideas so that there's always something new for you to discover on the menu. It's also what allows us to keep improving your experience whenever you dine with us.

A Welcoming Community

Great food is even better when you share it with great people, so we strive to create a community at Kobeyaki in Bryant Park where everyone feels welcome. This starts with valuing and respecting the employees who make it possible to carry out our mission, and extends to providing excellent service and hospitality to each of our guests. We want you to be happy and comfortable whenever you come into one of our restaurants, and when you leave we hope it's with a smile on your face and a positive feeling that keeps you coming back.

Every one of our customers is a new opportunity to grow our community and spread our mission of sharing healthy, delicious Japanese food with the world. Whether you're a familiar face or a first-time guest, whether you're just stopping by or staying awhile, we can't wait to serve you and show you what's possible from a fast casual restaurant that truly cares about food and the people who love it.