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Fast-casual Japanese Restaurant Catering in New York

Are you looking to create a much-better-than-usual dining experience for your next corporate event or in-office lunch? Good news! Kobeyaki is able to take our show on the road, bringing the same, delicious Japanese cuisine as we serve in our sit-down restaurants, right to your door. All served in our easy, fast-casual style.

Kobeyaki is committed to providing unique and healthy foods for your menu. We want to help make your event a standout, a great time graced by great food. Japanese lunch catering from Kobeyaki offers a refreshing alternative to other options.

What sets a Kobeyaki meal apart?

We’re not the same-old-same-old. Pizza, sandwiches and run-of-the-mill salad fare may be fine some days, but when you really want to make an impression with your staff or clients, Kobeyaki offers something special. Most of our customers, when planning a meal for a large group, couldn’t prepare an authentic sushi dinner. Japanese food catering from Kobeyaki makes it possible.

Our food really is healthier. Have you ever wondered why the Japanese people live longer, and with less obesity? It’s because they consume a diet rich in fish, vegetables and rice, and other non-processed foods, with an emphasis on fresh. That’s what we do.

Dietary issues. Kobeyaki catering is a great option when your group has a variety of dietary concerns, like the need for dairy-free or vegetarian choices.

Variety. When you plan your event menu with Kobeyaki, you’re able to pick and choose from your favorite varieties of healthy Japanese food, to provide a wide selection. From our Sushi platter to our unique mini burgers, you might introduce your folks to a delicious new food experience.

Our Menu: Sushi Catering and So Much More 

Kobeyaki brings a healthy, diverse menu to sushi restaurant Japanese catering, one filled with choices that delight the palate and satisfy.

Fresh Sushi Platter. What can we say? It’s a work of art. Several varieties of sushi, beautifully rolled and dressed, and served bite-size for groups of any size. Perfect.

Teriyaki Bowls. Our bowls are made to order. Start with a base of white rice, brown rice, salad or udon noodles. Then top with teriyaki beef, grilled chicken (all natural), seared shrimp or grilled vegetables and crispy organic tofu. Each bowl is served with a uniquely blended side of grilled vegetables. Teriyaki at its best!

Mini Burgers & Buns. They’re cute, delicious and nutritious. Our mini burgers and buns come in five varieties, including wagyu beef, spicy tuna, Japanese crispy chicken, braised pork and soft shell crab. All are generously topped with wholesome lettuce, carrot, cabbage, cucumber, scallions and our tasty sauces.

Sides & Dessert. Avocado, tuna tataki and seaweed salads are a perfect counterpoint to the rest of the catering menu. And for dessert, our cinnamon buns are an unusual treat. They’re always fresh baked and complemented by our homemade vanilla and sesame icing, ready for dipping. Enjoy!

Make the Most of Group Dining Options with Catering from Kobeyaki

The casual and welcoming setting at Kobeyaki makes it an ideal destination when you’re looking to enjoy a large group meal. Contacting your preferred location in advance is the best way to guarantee your experience is smooth on top of being savory.

Kobeyaki is a fantastic choice when customers are in the mood to enjoy fast and casual Japanese cuisine. Our locations and menu are designed to accommodate all occasions from business meetings to family meals or lunch enjoyed with friends. Be sure to contact our staff for any specific dine-in inquiries or with questions regarding cuisine options.

Expect the Best with Our Exceptional Japanese Catering Service in New York 

No matter what the major event may be, having fantastic food on the menu elevates the experience from start to finish. At Kobeyaki, we’re happy to help add flavor to those important moments through our comprehensive catering services available.

When you’re looking for healthy Japanese catering for your next corporate event, office party, or any other major get-together on the calendar, we’re here to help. Those who use our catering service in New York enjoy the experience of a user-friendly ordering process that results in delicious Japanese dishes being delivered right to the door of your event. Simply call us to inquire about our catering menu and the delivery options we have available!

Kobeyaki is a great choice for large events because we provide unique and healthy options that cater to guests that likely have a variety of flavorful preferences. Our Japanese catering menu features a wide selection of vegetarian and dairy-free options, making it simple to provide an event menu that speaks to guests adhering to dietary restrictions.  

Variety is key when it comes to feeding large groups and our approach to skilled catering takes every possibility and flavorful option into account. Our customers have the freedom to pick and choose from all their favorite varieties of healthy Japanese dishes, creating an event that feels customized to every guest on the list.

When you’re planning a big event and require catering to match, reach out to our staff at Kobeyaki and speak to one of our professionals directly about any and every dietary restriction or catering need you may have. We’re happy to walk you through the process of selecting just the right items from our menu to make sure that your order is accurate, quality-focused, and filled with options that your guests are sure to love.

How to Order 

When you need Japanese food catering, for any event serving six or more, we’re ready to serve you. At Kobeyaki, we know that planning a big gathering, especially one where you’re feeding a large number of people, can be overwhelming. So we make it easy to order catering services for your next event with a straightforward process that focuses on your needs:

Review our awesome menu. You’ll find lots of fresh and healthy options to choose from.

Fill out and submit our online catering form. Provide your contact information and the details of your upcoming event. We’ll contact you with more information.

A catering specialist will help you construct the perfect Japanese catering buffet for your event. We’ll be happy to guide you through the menu and answer your questions about food choices and quantities to make sure there will be plenty of food to go around. Attention to our customers is one of Kobeyaki’s distinctives in New York sushi restaurant catering.

When the time comes, we’ll promptly deliver your food to the event location.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

Kobeyaki wants to provide the best possible service for your event and avoid any unpleasant surprises, so please note the following:

Please provide us with 24 hours’ notice on all catering orders. We can’t guarantee service on same-day orders.

If you need to cancel your order, we’ll need 24 hours’ notice before the scheduled delivery date, or a cancellation fee of 50 percent of the order’s value may apply.

Depending on location, delivery fees may also apply.

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