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Hours & Location

110 W 40th Street,
New York, NY 10018

(212) 391-1600

Monday to Friday – 11:30 am to 8:00 pm

Saturday – Closed

Sunday – Closed

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Your Conveniently Located Japanese Restaurant in Bryant Park

If you’re seeking an outstanding restaurant in Bryant Park that offers innovative cuisine in a casual atmosphere, look no further than Kobeyaki’s Bryant Park location, where you can enjoy delectable sushi rolls, bowls, burgers, buns, and more with dine-in, takeout, and catering options for your convenience.   Upscale culinary delights don’t have to entail a dressy or time-consuming affair.  With Kobeyaki, you’ll enjoy healthy, high-quality cuisine, paired with the fast, friendly service that suits your busy lifestyle.

Our centrally-located restaurant makes it easy to sit and eat, pick up your takeout, or order a convenient Japanese catering dinner in Bryant Park when you just don’t have time to throw together a meal on your own. You can pop in for a quick Cali Roll, or order up braised pork buns to feed the whole family.

Since 2011, our goal has been to deliver healthy, delectable Japanese cuisine, without the long wait times for seating and eating that plague other sushi restaurants.   At Kobeyaki Bryant Park, you’ll find the perfect marriage of delicious dishes and total convenience tailored to your busy life.

Healthy Japanese Catering

People often equate healthy food with a lack of flavor and creativity, but at Kobeyaki, we’re committed to turning that stereotype on its head with healthy, innovative cuisine that makes every sushi lunch in Bryant Park a standout experience.   When you can’t dine in, you’ll love our convenient options for corporate or in-office catering.

Our expansive catering menu features the sushi rolls, bowls, burger, buns, salads, sides, and desserts you crave, but in portions conducive to feeding an office full of hungry workers, or simply getting through an executive lunch meeting.   Our unique menu is packed with healthy dishes that are sure to dazzle the palate, but we’re also pleased to provide options to suit every diet.

Whenever you’re feeding a group, it’s normal to find yourself dealing with dietary concerns, from lactose intolerant diners to vegetarians.  This can make finding suitable catering options nearly impossible.  You don’t have to worry when you order from Kobeyaki Bryant Park, where our menu is designed to indulge a wide range of gastronomic preferences, with options to avoid meat, dairy, or other common ingredients that simply won’t fly with certain dietary restrictions.

With so many tasty options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect blend of sushi, bowls, burgers, and buns to please every palate, whether you’re ordering lunch for your corporate team or catering an upscale event.

Nutritious, Delicious Sushi in Bryant Park

At Kobeyaki, we don’t think quality and speed have to be mutually exclusive.  Traditionally, fast food has been tainted by low quality and unhealthy ingredients.   Not so at Kobeyaki, where you’ll enjoy healthy ingredients and innovative cuisine, paired with speedy service and a fun, casual dining atmosphere.

When you’re in a rush, the last thing you need is to stand in line for an hour to be seated, only to wait another half hour to order your Japanese dinner in Bryant Park.  You need a quick, convenient alternative that doesn’t require you to sacrifice the quality of your meal or skimp on nutritional value.

Kobeyaki delivers the healthy, Japanese lunch and dinner options you need, and gets you in and out in record time, so you can get on with your busy life.  Even better, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, so you never feel like just a number in a line.

Whether you’re craving our classic sushi rolls, tantalizing teriyaki bowls, or healthy, yet mouthwatering burgers and buns, you’ll find that Kobeyaki Bryant Park checks all the boxes, with creative cuisine, speedy service, and a friendly team that treats you like family.

A Casual, Welcoming Atmosphere

While there are occasions that merit formal wear and a reservation, you also need casual, daily dining experiences that don’t require a jacket and tie.  The good news is, you’ll enjoy upscale Japanese cuisine in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere when you join the Kobeyaki community with a sushi dinner in Bryant Park.

Our friendly team goes above and beyond to make every guest feel like family, with a welcoming demeanor and accommodating service.   Whether you’re introducing a date to the healthy, delicious cuisine at Kobeyaki, you’re dining out with the fam, or you’re lunching with friends or co-workers, you’re sure to love our bright, attractive interior and open concept seating that accommodates groups large or small.

Your health and happiness are top priorities at Kobeyaki Bryant Park, which is why every dish includes fresh ingredients and creative recipes designed to delight your taste buds, and our friendly team always goes the extra mile to ensure complete satisfaction.